Dermal Fillers

Facial Fillers

Dermal Fillers can also be called or referred to as Facial Fillers, they are very popular in both females, males and transgender people.  The goal is for your skin to be smooth, look radiant and feel tight.  When you get dermal fillers you should feel invigorated and instantly your confidence should soar as you look and feel amazing.

If you have had dermal fillers before, you should know what brand was used.  Tell the practitioner this information as they want to know if you had a good experience, or not.  If you want more volume in your skin the dermal fillers treatment is perfect, be upfront and honest with the person who is doing the work as they need to know what you will be happy with.  No two people are the same, some prefer one style of look and the other something totally different.

Dermal Fillers can be used on:

  • Cheek area for definition
  • Buttocks for perfect silhouette
  • Underarm area
  • Lip Fillers for Volume
  • Forehead for frown lines

The clinic we recommend (see front page) only works with recognised brand names, after all you are paying for a reputable company.  The actual treatment time is fairly quick, it can take up to 40mts per appointment if you need to come back for follow-up appointments we recommend you wait a few days to let the skin settle.  The injection itself is pain-free and you will be able to resume your daily activities ASAP, so no down-time.

Dermal Fillers can add volume to your skin, erase the fine lines and plump up the skin so it looks younger and healthier.  You can usually tell if someone has had work done, but if done right it will be subtle and gradually you will get the result you want.  Please don’t jump in and ask for the biggest ml of injection, this could be a disastrous mistake and one which cannot be quickly fixed.