Eye Fillers

Erase fine lines around your Eyes

As we get older we notice the fine lines around the eyes, if you are a female you will no doubt notice it more when applying make-up.  Most women use a magnifying mirror when doing eye make-up, to ensure they get the application and texture just right.  This also highlights those fine lines and makes us feel a bit sensitive about our age and appearance.

We notice things about ourselves that others don’t.  Eye Fillers are a great treatment as they add some of the volume that your skin has naturally lost due to years, environment etc.  Make sure a qualified professional does the injection, your skin will feel a bit sensitive, but you should expect this as an injection needle is piercing the skin and injecting fluid in.

Eye Fillers can be done in about 30-40 minutes, you should have had a free consultation prior to your actual appointment.  Both can be done on the same day, as long as you are very clear about any previous treatments and any other plastic surgery you have had done on your body.  The practitioner will ask if you are allergic to anything and if you prefer one brand of filler moreso than another.

Millions of people get their eyes done with fillers, the fact is that eye fillers can make you feel better about yourself, the results are instant and you will only need to get it done every 4 – 6 months.  Some people find they diarise to co-incide with getting other beauty regime treatments done.  It is nice to get some pampering and to invest in your appearance.  Even if others don’t notice you have had work done, this is a compliment as nobody wants to think people are assessing the work they have paid for.  Eye Fillers can be under your eye socket where the skin is very thin, or on your eyelids where lines show quite clearly.  Fillers are for both females and men.