Lip Fillers

Volume in your Lips

If you are looking for lips that are fuller and look plumper, you should consider getting lip fillers by a professional practitioner.  The treatment time is very quick and you can even get it done in your lunch hour.

Lip Fillers are pain-free, the injection uses local anaesthetic to ensure you don’t feel the injection itself, the team we recommend are very good and their results are natural looking.  Some people want a full 1ml inserted into their lips, but we recommend doing a 1/2 ml to begin with.

Most people can see some celebrities that have gone too far with lip fillers, they can look awful, lumpy and too full.  The most important thing is that the lip area looks smooth, plump but quite natural.

If you want to make an appointment to get your free consultation, contact the clinic via the link on the home page of this blog.  You will be in the local clinic for about 45mts to go through your medical history and get an idea of your expectations.  We honestly think that it’s better to start with a small amount of lip fillers and then increase it until you get the look and appearance you want.

You don’t want to dive in and make a mistake by getting too much filler injected into your lips.  The product cannot be taken out after it’s been injected, so you may feel very self-conscious until it dies down a little.  This isn’t ideal, so please take our advice and do 1/2 ml at a time.  If you build up to it, you will know what brand of lip fillers you prefer (there are numerous worldwide) and exactly where you want the pronounced areas on your lips.

Fillers can be used in other areas of your face and body:

  • Cheek area
  • Underarm area
  • Eyes
  • Forehead